Our Aims & History

Our vision is that every person affected by stroke and debilitating ill health, should have access to the best support and care they need to ensure the highest quality of life, wherever they live in the UK.

Stroke Care engages with a large ethnically diverse adult and elderly population, who are or may be at greater risk of social isolation and poverty. Stroke Care aims to break down barriers and help reduce inequalities in the up-take of universal services.

Stroke Care have over ten years experience of providing a service supporting people, their families and carers who are affected by stroke and long-term disabilities or identified at risk. We provide holistic and proximity health promotion support services, targeting the vulnerable and the hard to reach adults and elderly people in some of the most deprived areas in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. We emphasise on advocacy, advice, and health awareness raising and campaigning for healthier lifestyles and well-being as preventative measures against strokes and other incapacitating illnesses.

Our values

Stroke Care works to the core values of respect and care. These define our priorities, both in the way we deal with others at work and our service users. These values have helped the charity to grow from small beginnings into the organisation it is today. The power of these values lay in how the organisation employs them throughout its work, which in turn helps to enrich both staff and clients lives and helps differentiate Stroke Care from Its competitors.

As the charity continues to grow, the aim is to keep these values at the heart of Stroke Care’s philosophy and day-to-day work; helping to ensure it offers the highest level of service; delighting its service users and surpassing expectations.

Goals & Objectives

Stroke Care’s strategy consists of three core goals, which come together to help the organisation form a balance range of support to improve the lives of people affected by stroke, other debilitating ill health and their families and carers Prevention, Advocacy, Campaigning and Information To collaborate with other organisations to ensure the best range of information is available to increase the prevention of stroke; reduce inequalities in service provision; and play a leading role in fighting for the rights and life betterment of all people affected by stroke and debilitating ill health. Rehabilitation, Advice and Support To collaborate with other organisations to provide those affected by stroke and debilitating health with the best range of advice and support to aide their rehabilitation and improve the quality of their lives: targeting accessibility for hard-to-reach groups who have been affected inequalities in service provision. Healthy, Sustainable Organisation

To operate a well-managed, well governed and financially sustainable organisation that is able to retain a highly skilled & motivated staff team.